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A team of 51 microbiological specialists (including 24 specialists with master’s degrees, 7 with doctorate degrees) and a professional probiotics research facility support our professional laboratory work. They mainly study the medical probiotics, bacteriocin and the natural antibacterial substance, and are expanding the range of application not only to health functional food but also bio-cosmetics and bio-medicine.

Over 40 Microorganism Research Experts

Strain Management and Lactic Acid Bacteria Function Research

Future-Oriented Infrastructure

NGS Analysis Technolgy and Innovative Sequencing Device

Our Goal: Improving the Intestinal Health of People Around the World

The Cell Biotech Laboratory focuses specifically on researching lactic acid bacteria to ensure the intestinal health of people around the world. In addition, we're constantly expanding the application of probiotics to health supplements, biocosmetics, and biopharmaceuticals.

Global R&D Capabilities

DUOLAC has established a future-oriented R&D infrastructure, actively conducting joint research projects with overseas institutions. In addition, Cell Biotech continuously pursues the globalization of R&D competitiveness and research capabilities through the expansion of our R&D pipeline, the development of biopharmaceuticals, and the introduction of next-generation gene analysis technologies.

Fields of Research

Strain Managements
  • Develop, manufacture, and manage strains
  • Establish strain library (Cell Bank System operation)
  • Optimize research for each strain and improve the development process
  • Establish the optimal culture conditions and analyze foundation functionality
  • Manage reliability, acid resistance, and bile salt resistance
Clinical / Non-Clinical
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of anti-cancer treatment candidate materials
  • Establishment of a database for each effective strain
  • Clinical trials of the company’s strains and products
  • Clinical trials of efficacy for each disease
  • Predict the reliability and functionality for each strain using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), the leading-edge genome sequencing technology
  • Analyze the efficacy of lactic acid bacteria through analysis of the change in microbiome (e.g. excrement inspection)
  • Research on LACTO PAD™ bacteriocin for skin microbiome (anti-bacterial activity against P acne)
Microbial Technology
  • Foundation research on microorganisms
  • Establishment of an activated protein expression system
  • Development of a lactic acid bacteria secretion system
  • Development of lactic acid bacterial strains through recombination technology
Colon Cancer Treatment
  • Separate purification of treatment materials and production of recombined proteins
  • Segmentation for efficacy of treatment candidate materials
  • Conduct research, obtain patents, and publish results regarding the efficacy assessment and mechanism of treatment candidate materials
  • Visualize using HCS equipment

Outstanding Academic Achievements

Published Papers
Clinical Trials
Whole Genome Sequencing

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